Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Gameboy Paint Job

Today is the big day, my two week-long project has finally reached completion, I have successfully painted a Gameboy color.

It was quite a task for me, it involved three different layers of painting.

I started with just a regular kiwi green Gameboy, however it was lacking a battery cover.

The first layer was just a base coat of white; so I just taped off the screen, front and back, as well as the battery contacts on the back shell of the Gameboy.

The painting went pretty well, I used Testors spray enamel model paint, the paint adhered nicely to the plastic shell of the Gameboy.

Now I taped off designs on the front and back of the Gameboy.

I went with a two stripe design on the top plate, and a jagged "tiger stripe" design on the bottom.

For the blue design I used three light coats of paint, in succession, this seemed to be a pretty effective painting strategy.
It produced a relatively even finish, and applied well to the plastic surface.

The final Gameboy turned out pretty sweet.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can refine my technique and create a red colored counterpart.

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