Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to Disassemble A Gameboy Advance

Ever wondered how to take apart your Gameboy advance?
Well look no further, this tutorial will take you through the process step by step.

To get started, you will need the following:
One Triwing (tri-prong) screwdriver.
I purchased mine from, but you can get them from many places across the web.

One small Phillips "jeweling" screwdriver.
This came bundled with the Triwing screwdriver I bought on ebay, but again you can purchase them else where on the web.

A small container
You will need this to keep from losing your screws.

Now, flip your Gameboy Advance over, so the screen is facing down.

After you have flipped your Gameboy over, you're going to want to find the screws located here:

To loosen the screws press in a downward fashion with your Triwing screwdriver, and then twist to the left.
Be sure to not let your screwdriver slip, as this can cause damage to both the screw and the screwdriver itself.
Also note that the small black screw in the lower portion of the battery case is NOT a Triwing, it is a Phillips screw type.

When you have removed all the screws, lift the back plate off the Gameboy.
What you have should look like this:

Next you should remove the screws located here:

These screws are Phillips so be sure and use your Phillips screwdriver on them.

After removing the screws, find the "gold ribbon" at the top of the Gameboy.
When you have located it, find the two small, gray, levers on either side of the "ribbon".
The should be in the "locked" down position, gently press them to the "up" position by pushing away from the center of the Gameboy.
After moving the levers into the "unlocked" position, softly grab the gold ribbon on its sides with your index finger and thumb.
Now slowly tug "up" away from the center of the Gameboy.
The ribbon should just slide out of the lock.
When you are done, just set the CPU board to the side.

You may now lift the L and R buttons and "sides" out of their positions in the Gameboy.
You can also just slip the rubber contacts off of their holders and remove the buttons at this point.

Congratulations, you have successfully disassembled a Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

Here is a brief check list for putting your Gameboy back together:
Make sure L, R, A, B buttons, as well as the control pad, all fit in their place properly.
Check that rubber contacts are all gently resting on top of the buttons and in their correct positions.
Check to make sure the screws on the CPU board all are in the correct hole.
Make sure that the on-off lever is in the "off position, and that the external button for it is resting over the lever.
Ensure that "gold ribbon" is securely in place and that levers are in the "locked position".
Check if the Phillips screw in the lower segment of the battery case is, in fact, a Phillips, and not a Triwing.
Test if all screws are securely in place.
Finally, plug in some batteries, and a copy of your favorite Gameboy Advance game; give it a test run, to make sure it is functioning properly.

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